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Inspections, flow testing and GPS point capture

Dependable, Accurate Fire Hydrant Services from Holliday Utility Services


Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 291 Guide "Recommended Practice for Water Flow Testing and Marking of Hydrants" states that "public fire hydrants should be flow tested every five years to verify capacity and marketing of the hydrant." 

For many hydrant owners, this can seem like a daunting task. Holliday Utility Services has developed a flow testing program that take the burden of this requirement out of your hands and provides you with a comprehensive report document and GIS files (optional) to meet your NFPA requirements.

HUS FOCUS IMAGE_edited.png

Our trained field technicians will perform visual inspection of the hydrant, notating access issues, visible defects such as leaking or damage, and will perform a safe flow testing to determine the fire hydrant's static, residual, pitot pressure. We will use this information to calculate the hydrant's minimal flow as well as the total flow profile for the hydrant. We will also provide a comprehensive report with all the required information to satisfy the 291 guideline and an optional photo report and GPS point. The NFPA rating will also be provided based on the table:

  • Inspect hydrant for leaks or other defects

  • Catalog hydrant ID#, address and access information

  • Record static, residual and pitot pressure during flow test

  • Calculate GPM flow at 20psi

  • Develop total flow profile

  • Record all water used for water capture requirement reporting

1500 GPM or Greater
500 - 999 GPM
1000 - 1499 GPM
Less than 500 GPM

Fire Hydrant Testing Gallery

Take a look at our collection of field photos from fire hydrant inspection and flow testing projects.

Fire Hydrant Repair

Holliday Utility Services performs full seat to stem repair of almost any manufacturer hydrant. If you have an older hydrant, we will research repair part availability and provide you with a detailed quote prior to service.

Every repair is documented with photos and a report for your files. Call us to repair your broken or damaged fire hydrants today.

Hydrant Repai
Hydrant Repair 4.jpg
Above: HUS Crews repair hydrant shaft
  • Replace nozzle o-rings and gaskets

  • Unplug weep holes

  • Install hydrant isolation valve

  • Reset hydrants that are not straight or above/below proper grade

  • Full internal replacement services

  • Dig and Replace hydrants

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